Many people who want to enter into certain jobs often like to consume media about the industry that they may be working in, in the future. A lawyer, for instance, has many options from Suits to Law and Order, and much more.

For people who want to become pilots, and take to the sky to fly jets and do incredible aerial manoeuvres, there is a lot for them to digest in the film as well. The aviation industry has been well documented in film with some of the biggest and most popular movies of all time being ones about military fighter pilots and the lives they lead.

If you’re thinking about becoming a pilot, and want to enter into the industry knowing a little bit more about the personas that exist therein, and the type of work you’ll be doing, you simply have to watch these three movies!

The Aviator

Even if you’re not interested in flying and prefer watching the NFL Super Bowl odds as they update, watching a movie about a young pilot that is directed by Martin Scorsese and starring the magnificent Leonardo DiCaprio is surely something everyone will enjoy. But if you are a fan of aviation and are thinking about going into that industry, it’s a must-see.

The Aviator is a great movie that will teach you about the difficulties and realities that exist in being a pilot. Many people look at a career as one that is filled with excitement and glory, and while that is completely true, DiCaprio’s performance in this film is one that shows both sides of the coin. It shows the stress and pain that is associated with becoming a world-class pilot.

Black Hawk Down

Now, Black Hawk Down is not a movie for the faint of heart, and if you’re still undecided about joining the military and becoming a pilot, this film will be fantastic in terms of teaching you the harsh realities of what could happen once you enter into military combat.

Based on a true story about a crashed pilot and team of soldiers in the military this movie will expose viewers to the bravery and hardships that a military fighter pilot may face in the heart of battle.

Top Gun

Top Gun is the quintessential movie about becoming a fighter pilot. Many people consider this as Tom Cruises best ever performance, and the box office results of the movie stand to back that claim up. If you want to watch a film that depicts the relationships between a squadron of fighter pilots, the training that goes into entering that position, and the hardships and glory that can come with taking on that career then the two films in this series will be perfect for you.

Not to mention that both of the Top Gun movies have some of the best actual flying scenes and film that has ever been captured and put onto the big screen!

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